1. extremely delicious and incredible weed.

    so, tonight the boyfriend wonder and I (that is what I shall refer to him on tumblr as, from this moment forward) went on a… date? totally a foreign concept to me. like… you mean… guys still take you out and pay for everything for reasons other than to get laid? huh. crazy. Anyway we saw “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”.. just as I expected, the book was 3 thousand times better, but it was still REALLY good and worth seeing. The little boy who plays Oscar was pretty excellent. and my company was that of the highest caliber. :)

    Afterwards we were both hungry so we drove around a little bit trying to find a place to get a bite… we decided to go to applebees but it was super packed so we tried this way less busy chinese place instead. We got it to go so we could come back to my place and smoke a little. The egg foo young is totally delicious… the chinese food in texas > the chinese food in oregon by so much, but why?? hahaha

    now I’m sitting here writing this while he’s at his parent’s house talking to them for a bit. later I think we might make some mini cheese cakes and watch sex in the city together. :) I am too happy. I really probably have the most awesome boyfriend ever!… but seriously this time. The moral of the story is: 1. become friends with someone before you date them and 2. date nerds!